Decorative Unique Wall Robe Hooks That You Can Make Yourshelf

Wall hooks can be both practical and stylish at the same time – you just have to think outside of the square!

Various designs of this home decor trend have been popping up all over Pinterest, so today we’ve actually rounded-up 40 DIY versions!

From wood and paper mache, to old hardware tools, door knobs, animal figurines, and crystals (just to name a few) – you’ll find a wide array of crafty tutorials which showcase the best of the best when it comes to creating your own wall hooks.

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing by diving into the following projects!

Did you know that you can re-purpose old cupboard door knobs as wall hooks? The talented girls at A Beautiful Mess will show you how!

Here’s a thrifty DIY wall hook idea that won’t cost you very much at all! A Little Glass Box has used old wooden clothes hangers for a unique look.

Here’s a very cute wall hook idea for a children’s room, thanks to Ana White. You can recreate these adorable animal face hooks by following this full tutorial.

Trust Aww Sam to come up with DIY wall hooks which are this fun! Fancy some flamingos on your wall? Check out this step-by-step guide for more.
old records wall hooks

Got some old records laying around at home? You can now turn them into DIY wall hooks thanks to this great idea from Better Homes and Gardens.
rock wall hooks

Stones are such a cheap and easily attainable craft item – you can even find them in your own backyard! Better Homes and Gardens will show you how to turn them into awesome wall hooks.
animal-inspired coat rack

If you want to create a fun animal-inspired coat rack for your kid, then look no further than this DIY tutorial from Bright Nest! We love its quirkiness and bright colors.
faux antler as a wall hook

You can also use a faux antler as a wall hook, just by following these instructions from Camille Styles! We love the addition of gold paint too.
elephant figurines wall hook

Love elephants? How about spray-painting some elephant figurines in gold before turning them into gorgeous wall hooks, just as Cohesive Randomness has done?
insulator coat rack

Creatively Living Blog used some colorful glass insulators and turned them into wall hooks which resemble a work of art! Want to make one for your own home? Be sure to check out the full tutorial.
branch hooks

Even branches can be turned into DIY wall hooks – you just need some paint, glue, and you’re basically ready to go! Dekolehti will show you how it’s done.
Agate slice wall hooks

Who doesn’t love the colorful and dreamy layers of Agate? Desert Domicile actually turned these Agate slices into awesome wall hooks!
trophy coat rack

Need something thrifty to do with your old trophies, rather than simply throwing them out? Design Sponge will show you how to turn them into sporty DIY wall hooks!
DIY giraffe wall hook

Domicile 37 found some cool items at a thrift store and turned them into this DIY giraffe wall hook – how clever! We love it either in its natural state or painted yellow – which one do you prefer?
brush hooks

Artist Dominic Wilcox turned some paintbrushes into wall hooks for one if his exhibitions and it has inspired many DIY fans! Why not also take inspiration from his work and try to recreate your own?
lollipop stick wall hooks

Love lollipops? Take that adoration of the sweet treat and put it on your walls, thanks to these DIY lollipop stick wall hooks from Fall For DIY. Yum!
DIY children’s wall hooks

How fun do these DIY children’s wall hooks look? Giddy Giddy created these playful designs but has also shared her full tutorial with you so you can recreate your own!
wooden mountain wall hooks

These stunning wooden mountains are actually wall hooks, and they’re not that hard to create! Although it’s not a DIY tutorial, be sure to check out this listing from Hachi and Tegs for inspiration so you can recreate your own.
screwdriver coat rack

Who knew old screwdrivers could look so amazing? Homemade Modern has actually turned them into fantastic DIY wall hooks that you’re sure to love. Check out the full tutorial for more information!
horse head hooks

Love horses? Horses and Heels has used some horse figurines and turned them into classy DIY wall hooks. You won’t want to miss this tutorial!
birch hooks

Add some Scandinavian style to your wall with these DIY birch hooks from Inspired By Charm. They’re super easy to create and you’ll be hanging stuff on them in no time!
inspirational wall hooks

Add a vintage touch to your walls, along with your favorite inspirational verses, just by following this tutorial from Inspired by Family. Don’t they look pretty?
helping hand wall hook

Wow, this clay hand looks incredible! Instructables will show you the step-by-step guide to creating your own amazing DIY hand wall hook.
dinosaur coat hooks

Dinosaurs are quickly becoming an on-trend home décor item, so now you can also create wall hooks out of them! Instructables will show you how it’s done.

Re-shaped spoons make wonderful DIY wall hooks too, just as The Woodgrain Cottage will demonstrate! Use antique inspired spoons for this gorgeous look.

There you have it – DIY wall hook projects that you’re sure to love! Which tutorials were your favorites?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

That You Can Make Yourshelf

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